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Modern Export Management

Ruby&Straw understands that small and medium size wineries rather focus their resources on making good wines than investing time and money in commercial resources and therefore often lack market knowledge and relevant contacts. However, not one winery can survive without sustainable sales and a sufficiently wide distribution network working with their nectar.

This is where Ruby&Straw offer a helping hand.  


We offer a friendly, professional, cost-effective and flexible way of reaching out to customers in various markets.

Markets: UK, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, the Baltic countries, Poland, Czech, USA, Russia.


Wine Focus

With a clear focus on the wine profile (origin, quality & style, philosophy) Ruby&Straw build a well-defined identity as a ‘go-to’ operator for both buyers and sellers offering attractive benefits to both parties.

Italy: The great majority of the European wines Ruby&Straw work with are Italian - from all corners of this diverse and wonderful country.

Other Europe: Most wines are from small, sustainable and/or organic or biodynamic   producers in Catalonia/Spain or France. 

New World: the common denominators for the New World wines are sustainability, high quality, a strong stand-our factor and family ownership. Over the years, Ruby&Straw has developed relationships with a number wineries that benefit from its European export market expertise and local presence in the market.        



New business development - market or market segment entries in European markets                                               
- On-trade (direct sales to larger HoReCa establishments and wholesalers)
- Off-trade (independent wine merchants, multiple retail, mail order, C&C)
- Classic distributors/importers (both leading importers as well as specialist/niche operators)

Market and distributor management for on-going business

- Commercial management including sales/marketing/admin/logistics support
- Participation in trade events (key trade fairs and tastings, distributor events)
- Regulatory and legal advice (Europe)
- Packaging and wine style advice/NPD

Key benefits to Wine Producers/Brand Owners

- Tailored - each wine producer is different and at varying stages of export development. Help is at hand for any commercial requirement and ambition

- Professional – instantly benefit from our solid local market knowledge and wide commercial network built over 20 years in Wine Export Management. Your experienced and trustworthy commercial resource without having to hire an Export Manager.

- Affordable - we understand the financial reality of wine business and thrive to build a solid, reputable service business delivering lasting value. Say no more.

- Long term gain: generous with sharing information and knowledge helping producers become commercially better connected and more knowledgeable about export markets

- Friendly & simple - people oriented, honest, open and informal approach – for the love of people and the wine trade

Key benefits to Importers/ Wine Buyers

- Short-cut to a selection of dependable wine producers with exciting wines - saves time and money when filling gaps in the assortment or responding to new customer/market demands

- A listening and understanding ally to facilitate relationship building with the producers with a mutual aim to establish a solid foundation for future dealings

- Wine sourcing on demand- well positioned to source wines for importers and distributors thanks to a vast network of producers and peers in the trade

- On-going support  as a representative of your supplier (i.e. representation at portfolio tasting events, presentations to your customers, staff training)

- Friendly & simple - people oriented, honest, open and informal approach – for the love of people and the wine trade

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